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QuaNix 4500 Coating Thickness Gauge

QuaNix 4500 Coating Thickness Gauge
Paint Thickness Meter / Gauge - QNix® 4500 was developed particularly for measuring tasks in the automobile industries. This compact Paint Meter / Gauge permits extremely precise measurements of lacquer and corrosion protection thicknesses, on steel and iron.

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  • Gauge for standard applications - simple, fast measurements.
  • One-hand operation. Only one button.
  • No calibration.
  • Automatic On/Off switching.
  • High precision over the entire measuring range: Fe 3000 µm and NFe 2000 µm.
  • Broad spectrum of use for nondestructive measurements on steel, iron and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc, copper and brass.
  • Compact design with integrated probe.
  • Innovative, proven technology: Hall sensor and Eddy Current technology.
  • Acoustic signal for confirmation that measurement has been taken.
  • Non wearing ruby probe tip for long term use.
  • Optimal LCD Display:
  • Large clear numbers for optimal readability.
  • Precise representation of readings, battery condition, mode of operation and serial number.
  • Display readings in µm or mil.




Principle of Operation
Two magnetic measuring principles:
Fe*: Magnetic-Flux / NFe*: Eddy Current
Hall Effect (QNix® 4500 only)
Standards & Regulation  DIN EN ISO 2808, DIN 50981, ISO 2178,
BS 5411 (3 & 11), BS 3900 - C5, ASTM B 499,
ASTM D 1186, ASTM D 7091 (only QNix® 4500:
DIN 50984, ISO 2360, ASTM D 1400)
Probe Type Integrated dual probe
Measuring Range  Fe: 0,0 - 3000 μm
NFe: 0,0 - 2000 μm (QNix® 4500 only )
Metric System μm / mil Yes
Resolution 1 μm in the range up to 999 μm,
0,01 mm in the range from 1 mm
Accuracy according ±(2μm + 3% of the readings)
to Automation Dr. Nix Standards
Minimum Measuring Area (in mm x mm) 10mm x 10mm
Minimum Curvature  Convex : 5mm, concave : 25mm
Minimum Substrate Thickness Fe: 0,2 mm
NFe: 0,05 mm (QNix® 4500 only)
Display  Digital LCD
Temperature Range 0 - 50 °C
Permitted Storage Temperature -10 °C - 60 °C
Power Supply 2 x Batteries: 1.5V (Type AA Alkali)
Dimensions (L x W x H in mm) 100mm x 60mm x 27mm
Weight incl. Battery Approx. 105 g


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