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ATTEN TPR3020S DC Power Supply

ATTEN TPR3020S DC Power Supply
TPR3020S Linear Regulated DC Power Supply 0-30V / 20A ( 600W )

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TPR3020S is a sigle big-Power constant-voltage and constant-current DC power supply.High brightness LED display. Multiple protection methods, safety guarranteed. Concise and nice appearance design. Suitable for electronic producing lines, as well as product researching and developing, in labs, for teaching, and best choice for communication industry.


Technical Specification:

 • Input Voltage: AC220V±10%.50Hz;AC110V±10%.60Hz(Optional)
Output Voltage Range: 0~30V
Output Current Range: 0~10A/20A
Rated Power: 300W/600W
Display Precision: 0.1V±2bit 0.01A±2bit
Stability of Voltage: ≤0.01%+3mV
Stability of Load: ≤0.01%+10mV(≤10A); ≤0.01%+20mV (> 10A)
Ripple and Noise: ≤ 3mVrms
Method of Protection: limited current and low voltage /over-temperature protection
Cooling Model: fan


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