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DEVON LM50 Digital Laser Distance Meter 50m

DEVON LM50 Digital Laser Distance Meter 50m

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● Capable of distance, area, volume measurement
● Can be measured indirectly using the Pythagorean theorem
● Can be measured in the indoor and outdoor
● The level of blisters, improve the accuracy of measurement
● Large LCD screen makes data show a clear increase Airport
● "Drop" measured tone prompts to complete
● Free to choose the metric or imperial units of measurement
● Top of the machine can be chosen as the base and lower part of the function with subtraction
● Stores the last 10 sets of data
● Simple and easy to use




● Model: LM50
● Accuracy: 2mm
● 0.1-50 m measuring range
● Laser parameters: 635nm
● Protection class: IP54
● Area / volume / indirect measurement (Pythagoras Pythagoras and two measurements)
● Inch system conversion
● Measurement starting point conversion
● Display backlight.
● Back 1 / 4 threaded connection, with tripod connection.
● Keyboard - The new waterproof and dustproof keyboard more comfortable when in use.
● Extension rod - for start measuring from the corner or space.
● Auto power off function; for 5 minutes without use of instruments, apparatus, automatic shutdown, effectively extending the battery life.
● 10,000 times the number of each cell measuring
● Operating temperature range: -10--50 degrees
● Battery: 4AAAx1.5V
● Size: 112X53X33MM
● Weight: 200g 


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