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KYORITSU 1710 Phase Sequence Meter

KYORITSU 1710 Phase Sequence Meter
Designed to meet international safety standards; Double molding gives comfortable grip.

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  • Designed to meet international safety standards
    IEC 61243-3/IEC 61010-1
    Measurement Category (CAT.) IV 600V
  • Self-Diagnostic test
  • AC and DC voltage tests up to 690V with LEDs and LCD
  • Polarity indication
  • Single-pole phase test
  • Phase rotation test
  • Double molding gives comfortable grip
  • Continuity test
  • Auto-power ON/OFF
  • Pen light for illuminating measurement points
  • Variable distance in socket, 16.7mm or 19.0mm
  • Variable probe Tips, 1.6mm or 4mmφ
  • Probe cover protects user and probe Tips
  • IP65 (IEC 60529)

Voltage Test (Double-pole Test)

  • Connect both probes to the system under test. 
  • The voltage is indicated by LEDs and LCD.
    Buzzer sounds and Live circuit LED lights up when a threshold voltage of 50V is exceeded.
  • Voltage polarity is indicated in following manner.

Single-pole Phase Test

  • Live circuit LED lights up and buzzer sounds when a voltage of approx. 100V AC or more exists in the object under test.   

Distance Between Probes

  • Distance between probes is selectable, either 16.7mm or 19.0mm, by changing probes (L1 and L2) position manually.   

Probe Protection Cover  4mm Tips Replacement

  • How to fixing 4mm Tips on L1 probe- and L2 probe+.




Voltage Test
Voltage Range 12~690V AC/DC
LED 12/24/50/120/230/400/690V
AC (45~400Hz), DC (±)
Light on at more than:
 7±3V (12V LED)
 18±3V (24V LED)
 37.5±4V (50V LED)
 75%±5% of nominal voltage
 (120/230/400/690V LED)
<0.5s at 100% of each nominal voltage
LCD 300V (7.0~299.9V)/0.1V
690V (270~759)/1V
±1.5V (7~100V)
±1%±5dgt (100~690V)
AC (45~400Hz), DC(±)
<2s at 90% of each voltage
Peak Current ls<3.5mA (at 690V)
Measurement Duty 30s ON (operation time)
240s OFF (recovery time)
Internal Battery Consumption Approx. 33mA (battery 3V, measuring 690V AC)
Battery Life Approx. 2500 operations (30s ON/240s OFF duty)
Single-Pole Phase Test
Voltage Range 100~690V AC (45~100Hz)
180~690V AC (100~400Hz)
Phase Rotation Test
System Three-phase 4-wire system
200~690V phase-to-phase
(100~400V earth-to-phase)
AC 50/60Hz
Phase Range 120±5 degree
Continuity Test
Detection Range 0~400kΩ+50%
Test Current Approx. 1.5μA (battery 3V, 0Ω)
Internal Battery Consumption Approx. 30mA (battery 3V, 0Ω)
Operating temperature and humidity ranges -10~55ºC, max 85% RH
(no condensation)
Storage temperature and humidity ranges -20~60ºC, max 85% RH
(no condensation)
Applicable Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT.III / IV 600V
IEC 61243-3 CAT.II 690V
Pollution degree 2
IP Rating IP65 (IEC 60529)
Power Source LR03 1.5V×2 (3V)
Dimensions 241.5(L)×68.5(W)×28.5(D) mm
Weight 230g (including batteries)


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