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FOIF Total Station OTS685

Reflectorless Measurement Range: R300: 1-300m; R500: 1-500m. OTS685 total station is FOIF latest reflectorless total station,the range is up to 150 meters.With convenient memory management function,professional on-board soft-ware and new appearance,this new model is more reliable and easy to use.It can be wide-ly used for building setting out,road lay out,topography survey and control survey,ect.

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Reflectorless Measuring up to 150m
The range is up to 150 meters.

New On-board Software
The 680 series software provides more easy operations.

Built-in Temperature and pressure sensors (Optional)
For high-accuracy distance measurement,the changing of pressure and temperature will cause the variation of result.

Software Upgrading Via RS-232C
FOIF offers special program to upgrade the on-board software of OTS680 series by PC.

Absolute Encoder
OTS685 is equipped with absolute encoders,you do not need to initial then 0 indexing when power on.



Length: 156mm
Image: Erect
Objective Aperture (EDM): ф45mm
Magnification: 30x
Field of View: 1°20'
Resolving Power: 3.5"
Shortest Focus Distance: 1 .7m

Distance Measurement
Laser Wave Length: 670-690nm
Laser Class:
    _ Class 1(IEC 60825-1)/prism
    _ Class 3R(IEC 60825-1)/reflectorless
Measurement Range (Good condition) White Target/KODAK CATNo E1527759: 1 to 150m
Reflective Sheet/RP30: 1 to 500m
Reflective Sheet/RP60: 1 to 800m
Mini Prism: 1 to 1200m
Single Prism: 1 to 5000m
Accuracy: 2mm +2ppm(prism)/3mm+3ppm(reflectorless)
Measuring Time(Fine/Rapid/Tracking): 1.2s/0.9s/0.5S, Initial: 3s
Minimum Reading(Fine/Tracking): 1mm/10mm
Temperature Input Range: -30℃ to +60℃(1℃ steps)
Pressure Input Range: 510hPa to 1066hPa(lhPa steps)
Distance Unit: M/feet, selectable
Prism Constant Correction: -99.9mm to +99.9mm

Angle Measurement
Reading System: Absolute encoder
Mini Reading: 1"/5"/10"
Accuracy: 5"
Angle Unit: 360°/400gon/mil, selectable

Type: Liquid dual axis
Range: ±3'

Optical Plummet
Accuracy: ±0.8mm/1.5m
Image: Erect
Magnification: 3x
Field of View:
Focus Range: 0.5 to ∞

LCD: 8 lines X 24 characters

Battery: Ni-MH Rechargeable battery
Output Voltage: 7.2V DC
Continuous Operation Time
    _ 8 hours, continuous distance/angle measurement
    _ 20 hours, angle measurement only
Charger: FDJ6(100V to 240V accepted)

Level Vial Sensitivity
Plate Level Vial: 30"/2mm
Circular Level Vial: 8'/2mm

Internal Memory: 16000 points
Weight(include batteries): 6kg
Dimensions: 220 x 184 x 360mm
Operating Temperature: -20℃ to +50℃
Serial Interface: RS-232C
Water Proof: IP54(IEC60529)



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